Our Team

Jaffer Property Management Inc. offers a range of professional maintenance/repair, seasonal and janitorial services to commercial properties in Edmonton, Alberta. Our property management team is dedicated to improving tenant satisfaction, increasing building efficiency while controlling and/or reducing maintenance costs. We provide year-round maintenance programs tailored to your needs. 

Property Management Services

Many property owners adopt a reactive approach to building maintenance, with no anticipation for inclement weather or equipment failures. Our maintenance business goes beyond standard service calls, taking a strategic, proactive approach to property management. Our preventative services help owners reduce the frequency of unexpected issues and plan for more expensive service work on the horizon.

Our seasonal and janitorial services are intended to improve the comfort and working conditions of tenants and employees. A clean, well-maintained environment provides a great first impression, but also provides safety measures for tenants, guests, employees and service workers. 

Operations and Maintenance

Seasonal Services

Janitorial Services

Light Duty Maintenance
Elevator Checks 
Preventative Checks
Routine Mechanical System
General Handyman Services
Sidewalk Cleaning   
Snow Removal
Grounds Maintenance
Common Areas Cleanup
Garbage Collection
Scheduled Cleaning
Floor Cleaning
Construction Cleaning



Jaffer Property Management has full insurance coverage with WCB.
WINTER SERVICES: Accumulations of snow left on sidewalks can turn into ice, which can pose a huge liability for pedestrians and tenants. Our winter services run from October until the end of April, or whenever snow falls. Contact us for a quote for the upcoming winter season.